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The Magnet Motor Making Free Energy Yourself Hardcover Book Edition 2019 + DVD

The Magnet Motor Making Free Energy Yourself Hardcover Book Edition 2019

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The Magnet Motor - Making Free Energy yourself Edition 2019 as hardcover printed book with extra 5.280 pages on DVD with bonus magnet motor and Tesla PDF books and Free Energy Videos on DVD!

Technical and background knowledge with instructions completely in English + With possible 3D models, bonus downloads, material list, tool list, drawings and pictures in English + patent specifications of the inventors

You receive the article by post as bound edition as hardcover book with DVD!

With original 3D CAD model from Muammer Yildiz, so you can build your magnet motor exactly to measure!

Magnetic motors - Even laymen can easily build a magnetic motor for the home with just a few materials. It would be legal to build it yourself for private purposes!

For centuries man has been fascinated by the idea of building a machine.
which once set in motion, continues to run and can supply energy.

It is all the more astonishing that apparently more and more inventors and tinkerers succeed in creating so-called
to build magnetic motors.

In any case, many of these inventions have even been patented, which involves a great deal of effort and expense.

No exhaust gases or other emissions, no harmful radiation, no disposal problems - nothing like that!
Never again the oil tank before the winter must fill up, never more as play ball of the energy companies to feel must, because the already again gas, oil, gasoline, Diesel or electricity prices raise after good discretion. No more having to drive to a gas station. Clean air, clean sea, recreation of forests, recreation of soils. Could you imagine something more beautiful?

Who wouldn't want to examine such a magnetic motor more closely?
How is it constructed? What is the secret?

- the information would certainly be priceless - wouldn't it?

The inventor Muammer Yildiz has patented his magnetic motor. In his patent specification there is incredible information and with it his included construction drawings, which is connected with a lot of effort and high costs.

All about Magnet Motors Permanent Perpetuum Mobile - With building instructions to build by yourself

With DVD about 5.280 pages and Free Energy Videos!

For you in the overview:

New Hardcover printed book Edition 2019 with instructions, manual approx. over 5,280 pages on the subject of free energy devices and magnetic motors

Step by step instructions with material list complete in English

Detailed description of magnetic motors

With construction drawings, 3D models and many pictures. Howard Johnson, Bedini and Tesla Videos

Over 70 pages Muammer Yildiz patent specification in English

More than 500 pages of further patent specifications

Over 2,749 pages Practical Guide to Free Energy In English

Building instructions for magnet motors

User manual of magnetic motors over 128 pages

And that's what you get here when you buy:
Hardcover printed book Edition 2019 with 204 pages and with DVD (Format: 5.830'' x 8.270'' - A5)

Practical book ''Freie Energy Devices and Magnetic Motors'' has already more than 2.749 pages completely in English Step by step building instructions for magnetic motors Don Kelly's Free Energy Devices User Manual The original over 70 pages patent specification of Muammer Yildiz as a copy in English All 111 original published patent specifications of the famous Nikola Tesla as copy with over 455 pages Further 5 patent specifications from different inventors All as Hardcover printed Book with DVD

An interesting offer for hobbyists and technology enthusiasts!

Buy now and secure yourself
Your book package about magnetic motors, as long as they are still available!
You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card!

Note: All magnet motors can be copied for private use! Commercial it is forbidden to build magnet motors!
Whether you manage to build the magnet motor depends of course on you! (Material, machine procurement, tools, workshop etc.) Therefore I know you thereupon, that I cannot guarantee for 100 per cent function of the motor and I cannot and will not be responsible for it!
To the eBay Control - Please noteI am entitled to sell this article because one of the following applies:- The copyrights are with me
- The rights have expired.
- I have legally acquired resale rights and can prove thisThank you very much.

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